Miya the Moonlight Archer: This Simple Guide as Your 911

Miya the Moonlight Archer: This Simple Guide as Your 911

Picking the right fight spell is very important if you want to help Miya the Moonlight Archer win. Your choice should fit with how you play and how your team works together. Let’s look at two of the best options:

This spell makes Miya very strong by speeding up her attacks, penetrating through walls, and stealing lives. If you trust your team to protect you while you do terrible damage from the backline, this is a great choice.

Another choice is Flicker, which is safe to use if you’d rather play it safe. It can be used to defend yourself, move, or get away from danger. When attacking, Flicker can be a surprise move. After activating Hidden Moonlight, it can blink to the enemy backline and catch them off guard.

Miya the Moonlight Archer: The Miya Flag That Is Best

With the Marksman badge, Miya does very well because it gives her a lot of attack speed, adaptive attack, and lifesteal. It’s time to talk about the subtalents:

Swift: Pick this to speed up your attacks even more.

Weapons Master: Your weapons, emblem, and skills give you extra physical attacks, which lets you do more damage.

You can also choose Bargain Hunter in the second tier, which lowers the cost of gear and speeds up the process of getting key items. In the last tier, you might want to use Weakness Finder to slow down your target a lot and lower their attack speed.

Miya the Moonlight Archer: Miya’s Great Body

Miya is the main damage dealer, so her build needs to find a good mix between attack speed and damage. Take a look at this strong build:

  • Swift Shoes
  • Haas’s Claws
  • Talking Winds

Berserker’s Fury Malefic Roar Defence item (Athena’s Shield for magic damage or Wind of Nature to protect against physical damage)

On the other hand, the Trinity Build provides variety:

Tough Boots Wear and Tear Devil Hunter Sword Scythe Golden Staff Malefic Roar Defence item (Athena’s Shield or Wind of Nature)

A Simple Mix for Success

To take over the stage, you need to master Miya’s combo. Just do these easy things:

  • During the laning phase, use the Arrow of Eclipse and the Moon Arrow to keep your opponents guessing and quickly kill any minions in your way.
  • Once you have one or two important things, find a good spot in a bush.
  • Wait patiently for the right time to strike, and then use Hidden Moonlight to get in the best position.
  • Use the Arrow of Eclipse to stop your enemy from moving.
  • When you trigger Moon Arrow, your basic moves do more damage.
  • If you have the Inspire power, use it to speed up your attacks and make them go deeper.
  • For the most damage, always go after heroes that are soft, like marksmen, mages, or assassins.

Now that you have the right battle spell, symbol, build, and combo! You can really master Miya and become a powerful AGENGACOR player in Mobile Legends!